Montreal Walk

Walking through old montreal. Posted by Picasa

Banana Plant

Back of a leaf from my banana plant.

Gerberas again

Needed to take some pictures to finish a roll. Brandie had received flowers for her birthay and they had a red gerbera in it. And here we are

Still more Gerberas

Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal (several)

basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal

Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal (several)

basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal

Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal (several)

Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal

Colourless Rooster (elan)

Duotoned in photoshop. From a petting zoo here in Ontario.


Statue and Tower (A40)

Not sure I like this... the effect isn't right but I like the angle. Might have to fool around with this one and see if I can make it ok. Should be better in the film version - real film should retain the detail in the statue and blur the tower in a more realistic way. Posted by Picasa

Frozen Again (A40)

Ice running down a concrete wall. Ran through a cross-processing action.

Downtown Ice Porthole (A40)

Shot through an ice scupture from across the road. (saw it in the paper and had to try it...)

War Memorial - Horse & Soldier (A40)

100% Crop of a piece of a picture of the War Memorial downtown. Contrast was adjusted as were curves and it was channel mixed.


Thumb tack

Thumb tack run through a cross-processing action. Nees more light though...


Freezing Rain 3 - Forzen Fir (Elan7)

Balsam encased in ice. Illford XP4.


Household Stuff - Spoon (Elan7)

Spaghetti spoon. Illford XP4

Household Stuff - Candle (Elan7)

Christmas gift candle.

Book lover? (Elan 7)

With a different angle of light it would be more effective but this works.

Freezing Rain 2 (Elan7)

More freezing rain. Needs better light.

Household Stuff - Blade (Elan7)

Bread knife.

Freezing Rain (Elan7)

Freezing rain and early morning.


Ice Scupture (Elan 7)

The side of an ice sculpture. Winterlude 05 Ottawa

Fall Leaves (or arrives) (Elan 7)

In the park near my apartment. Fall 2005

Halifax Public Gardens (Elan 7)

Halifax Public Gardens. A little busy but not bad. ~2004

Some wouldn't call this art (Elan 7)

From the Tech wall. Ottawa, ON. November 2005
(~8ft tall)


Photoshop - Capital (Razr)

Another version of the Capital Music Hall picture. I got the red out using the selection tool, inverted selection and applied channel mixer to the outside. Then lots of paint bucket to get the red back as close as possible, gaussian blur (faded) and mono noise (faded). Is there any easier way to achieve this effect (and with more accuracy?)

Streetside - Capital Music Hall (Razr)

Capital Music Hall. Cropped and auto leveled. Never saw the pigeon when taking it. :)

Photoshop - Cones (Razr)

Balsam Fir (I think) Cones. This ran through an action called "david's watercolours". After that jump back 4 steps in the process, adjusted curves, levels and hue/saturation.

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