Ice Scupture (Elan 7)

The side of an ice sculpture. Winterlude 05 Ottawa

Fall Leaves (or arrives) (Elan 7)

In the park near my apartment. Fall 2005

Halifax Public Gardens (Elan 7)

Halifax Public Gardens. A little busy but not bad. ~2004

Some wouldn't call this art (Elan 7)

From the Tech wall. Ottawa, ON. November 2005
(~8ft tall)


Photoshop - Capital (Razr)

Another version of the Capital Music Hall picture. I got the red out using the selection tool, inverted selection and applied channel mixer to the outside. Then lots of paint bucket to get the red back as close as possible, gaussian blur (faded) and mono noise (faded). Is there any easier way to achieve this effect (and with more accuracy?)

Streetside - Capital Music Hall (Razr)

Capital Music Hall. Cropped and auto leveled. Never saw the pigeon when taking it. :)

Photoshop - Cones (Razr)

Balsam Fir (I think) Cones. This ran through an action called "david's watercolours". After that jump back 4 steps in the process, adjusted curves, levels and hue/saturation.


Christmas Card 1 - "Frost" (Elan 7)

Frosted leaves in the park. Tri-X, scanned and lithograph action (medium black) applied.

Christmas Card 2 - "Crisp" (Elan 7)

Scanned from Fuji Reala 100. Contrast boosted a bit.

Christmas Card 3 - "Winterlude '05" (Elan 7)

Scanned from Fuji Reala 100. Leveled to fix a scan problem with the white snow not looking white.

His mom will be getting a more "serious" picture (A40)

Christmas Portraits - Joe


Yeah... me again. (Razr)

My quest to figure out the camera's "self-portrait" mode.

Christmas Party 3 - Someone sits still for a picture? Madness, I tell you :) (Razr)

I like how this one turned out.

Oak - Sour Justin (Razr)

Wearing out my welcome?

A tricky procedure (Razr)

Do they really trust him with the guitar?

Christmas Party 2 - Exodus of Bree (Razr)

Another serious picture. Bree about to leave.

Burgess 4 - Dill (Razr)

Camera shy? Posted by Picasa

Christmas Party 1 - The Award winner? (Razr)

No comment from me about Mark's poor state here. I didn't even recall he got a cab with us.

Vive Glassware Libre (Razr)

Kristy and a soon to be liberated Hoegaarden glass.

Burgess 2 (Razr)

Wierd colour when the wrong setting was used inside.

Leaving Burgess 1 (Razr)

Ah Joe... all class, he is. (any glass would have impressed me at this stage) ;)

Dill-houette - Christmas Party at Davenlynds (Razr)

From Christmas party. It suits you Ryan.

Bus Capture - Random Art (Razr)

Impressive as it is. The busses are slow enough these days to do this on the way.


The point

Posting some pictures from the last two weeks taken with my cel phone. I got a Razr and it has a camera on it. Its not the best but its fine for a quick image here or there and thats the point of most photography at its heart.


Fence - Halifax Public Gardens (A40)

Split Sky - Halifax, NS (A40)

Solarized, contrast changed, Diffuse glow.

Backlit Street - Halifax, NS (A40)

Checkered Waterfront Tile (A40)

Channel mixed, gaussian blur (faded), monochromatic noise added

Elm Street - Halifax, NS (A40)

Solarized, contrast changed, Diffuse glow.

Halifax Waterfront (A40)

Channel Mixed, Gaussian Blur (faded), touch of noise

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