Thumb tack

Thumb tack run through a cross-processing action. Nees more light though...


Freezing Rain 3 - Forzen Fir (Elan7)

Balsam encased in ice. Illford XP4.


Household Stuff - Spoon (Elan7)

Spaghetti spoon. Illford XP4

Household Stuff - Candle (Elan7)

Christmas gift candle.

Book lover? (Elan 7)

With a different angle of light it would be more effective but this works.

Freezing Rain 2 (Elan7)

More freezing rain. Needs better light.

Household Stuff - Blade (Elan7)

Bread knife.

Freezing Rain (Elan7)

Freezing rain and early morning.

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